Fragments of Nature

Mineral pigments and China ink on canvas
155 x 135 cm 

Gertrud Kohlis work – Fragments of Nature  2018 – is responding to questions regarding the relationship between mankind and nature, which has become unbalanced, and at the same time she is creating a homage to life, to the symbiosis and inconstancy of creatures.

This picture originated from water, mineral pigments and China ink on canvas. It consists of scriptural elements – fragments and shapes suggestions of humans, animal and plants, - indefinable beings – on the threshold betweeen development and decay. Watching the protected aera, Ruggeller Riet, nature creates its own forms raising up in water ponds and disapear into earth-moor.

Dancing for Life

190 x 134 cm
Acryl on canvas


100 cm x 80 cm
Acrylic white and nature pigments on canvas

Dancing for Life

100 cm x 80 cm
Acrylic white and ash on canvas